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Downie Street Burgers

At Downie Street Burgers we serve Burgers with style.We are always imitated but never duplicated!


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Downie Street Burgers

Downie Street Burgers

Imagine a fresh and delicious burger with bacon, sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onions, barbecue sauce and monterey jack being part of your lunch or dinner. Would you like it? At Downie Street Burgers we offer the best burgers at the best price.You can have all from our menu if your order online or by phone, come to Downie St. Stratford and Pick up your order or choose delivery service!

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Quality score

  • Curtis Cressman

    Curtis Cressman Curtis Cressman

    -I enjoyed my “Knuckle Sandwich” immensely. Pulled pork on a hamburger patty... delicious. I was however disappointed with the fries this visit. I would have been alright with them if it was part of a $5-10 combo, but this was $22. Some were burnt tasting and others were a little crunchy inside. Sadly I left the establishment with a bit of burnt taste in my mouth after eating the small pieces of fries in the bottom of the bowl. I hope next time they have improved their fries to match their gourmet prices.-
  • Karl Gilbert

    Karl Gilbert Karl Gilbert

    -Super fresh, very nice. Clean, fast and just iver all amazing. Said to be opening a location in Toronto. Honestly cant wait. Glad i stopped here-
  • Norm Porter

    Norm Porter Norm Porter

    -Delicious burgers. Little pricey but a very good meal.-
  • Stefan Myles

    Stefan Myles Stefan Myles

    -Awesome fries, friendly and fast service.-
  • James Browne

    James Browne James Browne

    -Great choice of some excellent sounding burgers. Was recommended the Dirty Burger because of the peanut butter and it was incredible. They were even able to accommodate our infant daughter with a serving of Mac and cheese normally used only as a burger topping. Very reasonably priced, friendly service, nice interior, parking close by.-
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